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My vision for the future

I support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We have to solve the most important issues of our time within this generation. Doing anything else is a distraction.

About me

My formal background is in Chemical Engineering (North-West University) and Control Engineering (University of Pretoria). I have worked with multi-discipline teams in the power generation industry designing water treatment plants and water & wastewater treatment plants. The first half of my career was dedicated to these design activities.The cloud has always fascinated me to increase the reach of your design tools and also scale your marketing potential. Thus the second half of my career has gone into the detailed design of software engineering for IoT alarm systems.For the next phase of my career, I dedicate myself to bringing all these disciplines together to solve specific automation and design problems in the water industry.The consequence of inaction is dust.

Building a path towards sustainability

IoT Integration and Cloud Deployment

Process Design

Water Treatment

Working towards Goal 6 of the SDG:Target 6.1 Safe and affordable drinking waterTarget 6.3 Improve water quality, wastewater treatment and reuseTarget 6.7 Expand water and sanitation support to developing countriesTarget 6.8 Support local engagement in water and sanitation management

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